Ahaha. Summer classes and trips abroad for some staff are going to start soon and our release count is still pretty low. Orz

Nonetheless, we have for you today a really cute, short, slice of life one-shot about a young girl trying her very best to learn new things~ The girl reminds me of a mochi, somehow. Cute and sweet. ❤ Here’s Tea Ceremony Training by Mori Kaoru! The author is best known for her manga Emma and Otoyomegatari and we advise you look into them (if you still haven’t, please do so) if you want more from her~

Big big thanks to Shoujo Hearts, our joint partner, for giving us the opportunity to work on this wonderful and cute one-shot. If you guys are craving for scanlations of some great shoujo and josei series, please visit them (and thank them as well)! They also do manga/anime/game reviews and series recommendations as a sideline. 😉


Read it online here!

Download it here!

Batoto link~


Also, if things go well, by this weekend, we have some great level up news as a scanlation group. ;D


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  1. cats says:

    Thank you very much!

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