First of all, we’d just like to announce to everyone that we now have our very own online reader!


Big thanks and so so much hugs to Valdien for working hard and pulling through for us for free! You know we love you little Valval.<3 We highly encourage you to read our releases there now if you’re reading online~

And now for the release~ We have for you today another sibling one-shot! Just like before, it features an elder sister with a queen-like personality and a younger brother who just has no choice but to go through all his sister’s whims. This one is sillier and cuter than our past release and we enjoyed the younger brother’s cute reactions very much~ Here’s Queen of the Apartment Complex by Natsumoto Michiru!


Read it online here!

Download it here!

Batoto link~

If you liked this one-shot, we encourage you to support the author by buying the anthology where this one-shot was reprinted.

As always, we hope you enjoy it! ;D


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