Ohoho. Another release and not even three days have passed!

After a couple months of looking for a translator, we’re finally off to our first release of the continuation of the anthology, China Girls, a collection of stories on women’s and girl’s issues in modern day China. They’re all full colored with very interesting and beautiful art styles. A very big shout out to hahhah42 for recommending us this lovely project and helping us acquire raws. Big big thanks to eito from 1008 Scans, the former group doing China Girls, for entrusting us their raws. We shall finish the rest of this anthology so please look forward to more~

So yes! Here’s Violet by Hu Rong. A tale of three friends and how time changes them. Please don’t forget that this is read from left to right. Which I should have added as a note on the release but I forgot. o/


Read it online here!

Download it here!

You can view more of the author’s amazing art (as well as what she does~) by visiting her website or her Weibo!

As always, we hope you enjoy this little treat. We’re planning to do the rest of China Girls so please look forward to it!


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