A Long Overdue Happy Valentine’s: Side A

A mid-week release? Yes, cause these releases are more than two weeks late. Haha. This was originally supposed to be part of our double release for Valentine’s Day but we weren’t able to make it. (More like the typesetter wasn’t able to make it. Huhu.)


Download it here!

Read it online here!

But yes. For our first release, we give you Kokenoshima by Nadegata Nazuna. Hope you enjoy! As you might have seen from our featured image which we had to censor just in case, this one-shot is meant for mature audiences and is NSFW. (Although the actual page in the zip and on Batoto isn’t censored because bewbs.)

This oneshot actually took us more effort to do than our more… Suitable Valentine’s release. Atelier du Noir’s bitterness is real.

We encourage you to also read our other Valentine’s release!

We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s release at the last day of February!

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  1. kaia says:

    Loved the illustrations. (⊙ヮ⊙)

    Liked by 1 person

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